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Jennifer Aniston’s Difficult IVF Journey: “The Ship Has Sailed”

Years of suspicion have surrounded Jennifer Aniston’s private life, but the ‘Friends’ star finally revealed a previously undisclosed aspect of her life.

Some may be surprised to learn that the actor has tried to conceive in the past but was unsuccessful, given that she does not appear to have any children.

The star didn’t want to go too specific about how old she was when she went through IVF, so she simply said she was in her “late 30s, early 40s.”


1. Jennifer Aniston’s Private Life

A private element of Jennifer Aniston’s life was revealed for the first time, ending years of conjecture about the ‘Friends’ star’s private life. On November 9, the actor confessed in a cover story for Allure that “she was trying to get pregnant” for a long time and underwent IVF and other fertility procedures.

In spite of what some may assume considering her childless lifestyle, the actor recently admitted that she had previously tried to conceive but was unsuccessful.

Since her rise to stardom in Hollywood, the media has been fixated on her private life, including her two failed marriages to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux and the fact that she has no children.

The actress hesitatingly revealed that she had IVF in her “late 30s, early 40s,” but could not provide a precise age range.


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