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Keep Your Brass Shiny With 6 Common Household Items

Only a few items of brass decor in a room are needed to draw attention to themselves due to the color and sheen they exude. And if you’re going to grab some old brass, you should probably clean it beforehand. However, you may avoid running out to get specialized brass polish because of this simple method. You most likely have a fantastic brass cleaner stashed away somewhere in your cupboards.

The softness of brass makes it susceptible to scratches. Always use a soft cloth, like a piece of cotton flannel or an old t-shirt, while cleaning brass. Scrubbing with a metal scouring pad or an abrasive sponge will leave scratches in the brass.


1. Lemon Juice and Salt

Pieces with only little tarnish can benefit from this method. Spread some salt on the exposed lemon halves. In order to polish the brass object, use the salted lemon to do so. For best results, let the lemon juice and salt linger for a few minutes before wiping them away with a delicate cloth. Gently buffing it will restore its luster.


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