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Keep Your Houseplants Happy by Following These Ten Steps!

The foundation for your plants’ long-term health is laid in the care you take while repotting them. Make sure your houseplants have a happy and healthy life by following these steps before you put them in the ground.

Here are 10 Things to Check Off Your List Before Bringing Houseplants Inside.


1. Scratch Rootballs

Look at the roots while you’re repotting the plant. Scratching the roots a little bit can help them loosen up if they are packed in tightly. In addition, if you notice any rotten or brown spots, cut them off.

You should do this carefully, without damaging or shattering the rootball. By exposing the roots through scratching, the new pot’s soil may better absorb water and nutrients from the plant. This will give the plant a better and stronger root system to use in its new container.


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