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Learn the Secret to Growing Cucumbers Vertically

Would you consider yourself an ambitious landscaper? Perhaps this spring you tried to plant a bit too much in your garden since you wanted to have a full kitchen garden. It’s a constant challenge for us. Our ambitions exceed the size of our backyard. But there’s a way to make more room in the garden, so you can grow all seven kinds of peppers or herbs. Even if you only have a few pots to work with, you can still grow cucumbers vertically! Learn the secret to maturing these summertime staples!


1. So, what exactly is vertical gardening?

To get a feel for vertical gardening, learning how to grow cucumbers vertically is a simple experiment. Tomatoes, peas, and pole beans are also simple to cultivate (indeterminate types). It’s not just zucchini; we’ve seen other gardeners harvest watermelons, cantaloupes, and even a variety of melons.

Keeping these vegetables above the ground not only conserves valuable floor space, but also protects them from rot caused by contact with wet soil. The fact that you don’t have to bend over is also quite convenient. With vertical gardening, you can harvest beans and cucumbers while standing up. And you can grow all of these vertical vegetables in pots too!


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