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Plant Your Fall Cover Crop Now to Save Your Garden From Weeds & Power Your Garden!

Nothing can help you create a low-maintenance garden more than planting a no-till cover crop in your garden this fall!

To begin, lightly stir the earth on each row using a rake. Cast your seeds over the soil in the same way that you would plant grass seed. We sprinkle half to one pound of annual rye seed per 40 square feet of garden space when determining how much to sow.

The final step is to softly scrape the soil to prepare it for the seed to germinate more readily. When planting, you don’t need to cover the seed completely. Just add a thin coating of straw (about 1/2 inch thick) and watch the transformation take place!

Fall cover crops will sprout and begin to grow within a week or so. To ensure that your soil is healthy and ready for the next growing season, follow these steps!

2. Restoring Power to Your Soil

However, arguably the most important benefit of a cover crop is that it rejuvenates and revitalizes the soil in your garden. Each growing season, a garden loses a significant amount of nutrients as it devotes its resources to developing vegetables.

If that energy isn’t replaced, the garden next year will suffer in the end. As a result of this, cover crops come into play.

The best organic fertilizer for the garden is cover crops like annual rye. Aeration and loosening are accomplished by their roots, which penetrate deep into the soil and extend as they grow in size.

Even better, the roots of a cover crop like annual rye assist to fix nitrogen levels in the soil even more effectively. As a result, the following year’s crops will be able to absorb this vital vitamin more easily.

Soil is enriched with nutrients and organic matter when a cover crop dies and its leaf and roots decompose. In the end, your garden will be revitalized and revived, ready to produce like crazy for the harvests of next year!

Restoring Power to Your Soil

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