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17 Plants That Don’t Need Light You Can Grow Indoors

Houseplants could make a very beautiful indoor decoration. They are way cheaper than any other adornment. They could replace furniture, artwork and other decors.  I personally favor them because, unlike most decors, they add color, shape and life to a room.

However, there is a slight issue about having houseplants. They need constant access to sunlight otherwise they will die. This might be a problem because, truthfully, not many of us live in glass houses with plentiful amounts of sun streaming in every day.

If you live in studio apartment with only a couple windows or in a house with a few darker rooms, in this article we solve your problem by providing you with 17 plants that don’t need sunlight.


1. Dracaena

This is a very popular houseplant originating from Africa, Madagascar in particular. Its name is very unique. It is a Greek origin that means the female dragon.

They’re very useful plants that are used in multiples disciplines besides decoration.  For example, it is used for varnish and photoengraving. In addition to its charm, this plant help purify the air and it can endure a fair amount of neglect.

In fact, the Dracaena plant does not need daily watering. Occasional watering is all it needs. Another important tip, you should keep the plant away from direct sun exposure.

Dracaena Plants that don't need light

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