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Prepare For a Big Fall Harvest by Replanting a Summer Garden

Despite the fact that your vegetable garden may be overflowing at the moment, this situation won’t persist for very long. In the late summer, many of the spring crops that were sown begin to decline quickly.

Salad and greens begin to bolt and become bitter. Plants that produce cucumbers and zucchini have begun to wither. And so do the green beans, peas, sugar snap peas, and other vegetables.

However, if you plant a second set of seeds in the summer, you can reap a magnificent harvest of all of these delectable foods and more in the fall.


1. Cucumbers & Zucchini

Summer is the best time of year to plant cucumber and zucchini seeds because of the warm soil and air temperatures. When it comes time to replenish your summer vegetable garden, they make an excellent choice.

In early spring, new cucumber and zucchini seeds can germinate for roughly 21 days. We’ve seen them sprout in as little as three days during the summer when it’s been warm.
The bugs that attack cucumbers and zucchini in the spring are less abundant in the summer, which is an extra bonus.


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