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Protect Your Vegetables From the 7 Most Common Fall Pests

Vegetables aren’t the only thing that can be found in large quantities in late-season gardens. Insect pests often cause the most damage immediately before harvest, when produce is at its most delicious.

As the summer progresses, several generations of pests emerge, putting an increased strain on gardens by autumn. You can prepare for the threat posed by these pests by knowing what to look for, and you can still reap your rewards on time if you start early enough.


1. Aphids

Lady beetles and lacewings are two examples of beneficial insects that can combat an aphid infestation. However, in late summer, when the weather is ideal for these insects, aphid populations can skyrocket.

These tiny, pear-shaped insects with soft bodies puncture plant portions and drain their fluids, producing honeydew and fostering the growth of sooty mold.

Aphids have live, famished offspring. Between 7 and 10 days after birth, these infants reach sexual maturity. As the weather gets cooler, aphid damage increases. By fall, their swarming numbers might destroy not only the roses but also every vegetable in your yard.


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