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Protect Your Vegetables From the 7 Most Common Fall Pests

Vegetables aren’t the only thing that can be found in large quantities in late-season gardens. Insect pests often cause the most damage immediately before harvest, when produce is at its most delicious.

As the summer progresses, several generations of pests emerge, putting an increased strain on gardens by autumn. You can prepare for the threat posed by these pests by knowing what to look for, and you can still reap your rewards on time if you start early enough.

3. Colorado potato

Colorado potato beetle is a major pest of fall vegetable gardens, wreaking havoc on potatoes and related crops including tomatoes and eggplants. Defoliating red larvae with black spots and adult yellow moths with black stripes stunt the development of potato tubers. After emerging from the ground, female Colorado potato beetles deposit anywhere from 100 to 350 eggs. Due to the pest’s ability to reproduce rapidly, late-season gardens may be attacked by all of its life stages at once.

Colorado potato beetle

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