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Quick and Easy Guide to Canning Tomato Juice

Every home should always have a bottle of tomato juice stashed away somewhere. It’s not just grains and tubers that fit the bill for “staple foods,” but rather any item that can be stored and eaten throughout the year.

Tomato juice can be used in a variety of ways, including as a base for hearty winter soups, to tenderize a pot roast, to add flavor to plain rice, as a salad dressing, or just to drink. In the kitchen, there is a virtually infinite number of uses for tomato juice.


1. Tools for canning tomato juice

  • juicing tomatoes – as many as you can gather or buy at once
  • salt – optional sprinkle of flavor
  • apple cider vinegar, bottled lemon juice, or citric acid as an acid source (in that order)
  • huge washing basin for tomatoes
  • pots, bowls, and sharp knives
  • a wooden spoon for mixing
  • ladle
  • funnel
  • food mill or blender and strainer
  • jars, lids
  • water bath canner
  • jar lifter

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