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Reasons Why Your Garden Soil Needs Magnesium

Soil magnesium levels vary across the United States, with higher concerns in more humid places. Many plants require magnesium, therefore it’s important for gardeners to understand why and how to incorporate magnesium into the soil.

The first step in creating a healthy, flourishing garden is to get the soil tested to determine its pH and nutrient levels.


1. What Magnesium Does for Plants & Soil

Among the many necessary components for plant development, magnesium is crucial. Chlorophyll requires magnesium to develop, and without it, photosynthesis in leaves would be unable to occur. Some chlorophyll can form and photosynthesis can occur even if magnesium levels are insufficient, but without enough “food” the plant will be stunted and may not survive for very long.

In addition to facilitating the germination process, magnesium reinforces the cell walls of seeds and activates growth-promoting enzymes. Magnesium in soil and plants has an impact on humans and animals who consume those plants because magnesium contains some of the amino acids required for protein formation.

When plants don’t get enough magnesium, their protein levels and quality suffer.


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