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Save Your Hanging Baskets & Container Plants From Dying!

Many flower baskets and potted plants begin to deteriorate as summer progresses. Flowers and leaves that were once vibrantly colored and ready to enliven a porch or patio now appear more as if they belong in the compost pile.

Don’t get rid of all of your plants just yet! It’s much simpler than you might expect to revive those unhappy plants. Even for individuals who haven’t experienced gardeners or don’t believe they have a “green thumb.”

Here are two easy ways to revitalize your plants and start them blooming big again, as well as an explanation of why most hanging baskets and containers fail.

Here are 2 methods to revive dying hanging baskets and containers.


1. Repotting

Replanting your hanging baskets and container plants into a larger container is the first and most usual approach for bringing them back to life.

Commercial hanging baskets are sold in ten and twelve-inch pots, which is a problem. Root growth can’t take place in these smaller baskets because there isn’t enough room for it. As a rule of thumb, baskets should be at least fourteen to sixteen inches tall at the beginning of the growing season.

You’ll need at least a quarter more room in your new basket or container to grow. More space is always preferable. Allowing the roots to spread out and bring in nutrients fast is essential for a healthy plant. Having enough space for your plant to last the rest of its season is more vital than anything.

Try these tips for rescuing and reviving your fading hanging baskets and potted plants.

Repotting Tips

You should begin by filling your container with high-quality potting soil before moving on to the next step of repotting. Before putting the root ball into the new basket, loosen the tightly bound roots. Gently separate the roots from the root ball by gently breaking apart the roots at the bottom of the root ball.

The bottom of the root-bound ball must be broken apart in order to succeed. This permits the plant to take in oxygen and adapt to the new soil. In doing so, it will be able to absorb the nutrients and water it needs to grow.

Adding worm castings to the potting soil mix is one of our favorite things to do. Incorporating the worm castings into your garden will help your plants recover much more quickly.

Finish by adding more potting soil to the pot and watering the plant thoroughly. Add some liquid fertilizer to the water as well. This is a critical part of the process! Liquid fertilizer will put the root-bound plants back into growth mode because they’ve been suffering from a lack of nutrient and water absorption for so long.

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