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Say Goodbye to Armyworms With 5 Easy Steps

Armyworms can do a lot of damage to your garden if they go out of control. Pests in the garden, these caterpillars have a bad rap. They eat mostly grass, although they also like vegetables, crops, and a variety of other vegetation. It just takes a few days for an armyworm infestation to devastate a lawn, even though they are microscopic and hard to spot.

In order to avoid damage to your yard or garden, it’s better to catch problems early on and take action. Learn how to get rid of armyworms and keep them away from your prized plants by reading this article.


1. Identify armyworm larvae

Armyworm caterpillars and larvae eat lawns, gardens, and crops as their primary food sources. Its body is striped in a variety of shades of green, brown, and reddish-orange, depending on whether it is green, brown, or black. They also have a prominent, inverted “Y” mark on the front of their head. One-half to two inches long when fully grown, with almost no fuzz.

Summer and early fall are the most prevalent times for armyworm activity. Patches of brown grass are the first sign of an armyworm infestation. If you look closely, you’ll see that the grass blades’ edges are bitten and ragged, if not fully sheared. If you observe a lot of armyworms or witness damage to your garden, it’s time to get rid of them.

Identify armyworm larvae

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