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Say Goodbye to Armyworms With 5 Easy Steps

Armyworms can do a lot of damage to your garden if they go out of control. Pests in the garden, these caterpillars have a bad rap. They eat mostly grass, although they also like vegetables, crops, and a variety of other vegetation. It just takes a few days for an armyworm infestation to devastate a lawn, even though they are microscopic and hard to spot.

In order to avoid damage to your yard or garden, it’s better to catch problems early on and take action. Learn how to get rid of armyworms and keep them away from your prized plants by reading this article.

2. Remove armyworms by hand from plants and place them in a bucket of soapy water

However, armyworms like to stay hidden during the day so if you do spot any, you should get rid of them immediately. It may be possible to control a limited invasion by physically removing the pests from your yard or garden. You can use liquid dish soap to wash the armyworm after you’ve manually removed it from the plant. The armyworms will perish as a result of the soapy water solution.

Removing the infected plants and washing your gardening tools are the only options if you don’t want to use a pesticide. Consider applying a pesticide for larger infestations; natural and effective choices exist.

Remove armyworms by hand from plants

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