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Say goodbye to this dangerous Plant: 3 effective methods

When it comes to gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, poison ivy is a nightmare. Because of their severe allergies to the greasy resin. For weeks, those afflicted with it may suffer from agonizing itching and a rash.

Poison ivy can cause a rash in as little as a few hours. It can show up in as little as four hours for some people, while symptoms may not occur for nearly two days for other people. So it’s not only the leaves you have to worry about; you can acquire poison from the plant as well.

here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of poison ivy from your property.


1. Using Horticultural Vinegar

Poison ivy can be effectively treated with horticultural vinegar. An ideal moment to eradicate a weed is right as the leaves begin to change color.

The acidity of horticultural vinegar (also known as industrial vinegar) is significantly higher than that of ordinary household vinegar. Horticultural vinegar, on the other hand, can be anywhere from 30 to 45 per cent acidic, whereas kitchen vinegar is often around 5 per cent.

Aside from the fact that horticulture vinegar can also be used to destroy weeds, it can also be used to kill poison ivy. Simply put the vinegar in a spray bottle and use it at full power.

Watch what happens when you liberally mist the leaves with the solution. Spraying in the middle of the day will make it work even better when it’s hot and sunny.

When spraying around other plants, make sure to exclusively target the ivy’s leaves. Any plant that comes into touch with vinegar will be killed by the acid. Poison ivy normally requires a few applications spaced a few days apart in order to be entirely eradicated.

When working with high-strength vinegar, always use eye and hand protection. After all, it’s an acid, therefore it can burn your skin and eyes if you touch it.

Using Horticultural Vinegar

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