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Say goodbye to this dangerous Plant: 3 effective methods

When it comes to gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, poison ivy is a nightmare. Because of their severe allergies to the greasy resin. For weeks, those afflicted with it may suffer from agonizing itching and a rash.

Poison ivy can cause a rash in as little as a few hours. It can show up in as little as four hours for some people, while symptoms may not occur for nearly two days for other people. So it’s not only the leaves you have to worry about; you can acquire poison from the plant as well.

here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of poison ivy from your property.

2. Salt Water Spraying

A salt water solution can also be used to kill poison ivy naturally if vinegar is not your thing. Mix 2 cups of salt and 1/2 gallon of water together to form the brine.

Dish soap can be added to the solution if desired. The spray will adhere to ivy leaves instead of trickling off because of this. Spray liberally on the ivy leaves using a hand sprayer.

Any plant life that comes into touch with the salt solution will be harmed. The leaves of the ivy, not the foliage of other plants, should be sprayed with the insecticide.

The ivy may need a few more applications of the salt solution before it is totally eradicated. In order to ensure that the roots are killed, repeat the application every three to four days until the foliage is dead. Once again, spraying during the hottest part of the day and in full sunlight will boost the efficiency of the salt solutions.

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