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8 Surprising Reasons Why Security Window Film Is Necessary

Glass can be a great building material, but it’s often the weakest part of a home’s exterior. Whether it’s a window or a door, most glass doesn’t do much to stop would-be thieves, kids who like to explore, or strong storms. The good news is that security window film can make glass stronger.

Check out these surprising reasons to see why window security film is often a good idea and sometimes even necessary.


1. Stop people from breaking in

Let’s start with the surprise: Window security film, like this BDF 8-millimeter clear safety film from Amazon, won’t stop a determined burglar from getting into a home. But this film can stop a quick break-in because it sticks to the glass and keeps it in place if it breaks. The thicker the film, the less likely it is that someone will break it on purpose.

Think about this: A thief walks up to a normal double-paned window and hits it with a hammer. When the glass breaks, they can use the hammer to pick up all the pieces, reach in, and open the window. This doesn’t take long.

With a security window film on it, the glass breaks but doesn’t fall out. The thief can’t break the glass as quickly, so it takes them longer to get to the lock and open the window. This longer timeline might make them think twice. And this method is much cheaper than putting in a new window that can withstand strong impacts.


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