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11 Inspiring small balconies you will definitely enjoy

Small balconies are easy to redecorate and to renovate. They don’t take a lot of your time and it is easier to manage small spaces than big spaces. However,  finding the right decorative ideas for small balconies may be challenging. Therefore, in this article, we will display 11 amazing small balconies hoping that they will inspire you to decorate yours. Go ahead scroll down and enjoy these designs.

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The first rule for redesigning or redecorating your garden is to calculate the available space. This small balcony design, for example, is perfect for small-sized balconies. It is simple, yet it is very beautiful and attractive. Duplicating this design may require some effort and time but it is very inexpensive. We highly recommend it if you are running on a tight budget.


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This balcony design is ideal if you have a really small balcony. As you can see, the available space on this balcony can’t possibly accommodate a table and chairs. Therefore, there is no need to add them.  Instead, you can add small items such a coffee table and a small wooden seat.


small balcony 13

This is one of the most beautiful and practical small balconies. This balcony is not big enough to host a dining table thus it contains a coffee table instead. The addition of the two chairs is a clever idea. It will allow you to sit there sipping your coffee while enjoying the view in front of you. If you don’t like coffee, you can sit there to have a drink or read a book or a newspaper.



If you want to renovate your small balcony, you should seriously consider adding a wrought iron table and wrought iron chairs. They are very inexpensive and they don’t occupy much space. They are very decorative and they will blend in well with the different items in your garden since you can paint them in any color you want.


small balcony 2

One of the best ways to decorate small balconies is to add container gardens. They are extremely small, attractive and very ornamental. You don’t have to worry about where to put them, choose small pots and you will be able to place them anywhere.



This is one of the most wonderful small balconies. You can duplicate this design to have a colorful and a joyful garden. What I like the most about this design is the use of folding furniture. It is a very smart move. Folding furniture is really space-saving.


small balcony 16



When you are redecorating your small balcony, it is recommended that you use items that have storage option such as bookshelves and racks. They will help you save space and you can hang a lot of decorative items on them such as container gardens.


small balcony 11

Redecorating or renovating your balcony does not mean that you have to change the design completely. In fact, you can keep the old design and add some decorative elements to it such as hanging gardens or living walls. They don’t require any space and they are very attractive and beautiful. They will bring nature to your balcony and make it delightful.


small apartment balcony ideas

balcony garden small ideas 2

Using hanging pots in your garden is a great solution to overcome the space problem and adorn your garden. Hanging pots don’t require space and they are very alluring. They will make your garden alluring and visible both from the outside and the inside.



Adding lights to your balcony is a great way to give it a new look. Lights besides being decorative, they are also functional. They will light up your garden at dark nights. We strongly recommend LED lights. They are cute, eco-friendly and they won’t cost you much electricity.



Lanterns are also an ideal way to adorn your garden. They are appealing and they don’t need space because you can hang them basically anywhere. Besides, they are very inexpensive. If you want to see some DIY decorative laterns, check out this article.

These are the most inspiring small balconies. These balconies are beautiful and attractive. They are also Extremely affordable. I hope they have inspired you to redecorate yours.


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