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Stop Throwing Your Old Tea Bags NOW! Expert Gardener Lists 11 Reasons to Plant Them

Most individuals may identify with the relaxing effects of a cup or two of tea. But the environmental benefits are just as, if not more, beneficial!

Did you know that by reusing your teabags in an environmentally friendly manner, you are helping Mother Nature?

old tea bag

Here’s what else you need to know about this topic:

1. Give your soil nutrients

Put teabags in the ground to give your garden an organic boost.
It is possible to utilize the tannic acids from the leaves of these plants as fertilizer for other foods or flowers planted in the same area!

2. Reduce waste

Instead of adding to massive landfills, why not compost or bury your tea bag?
Within six months, the manila hemp used to make these bags will decompose and disappear.

3. Pest repellent

Tea repels insects, so you can plant it in your garden or under the soil near veggies to keep them at a safe distance.

4. Keep cats away from your plants

Cat faeces is ruining our carpets and plants both indoors and out. You can prevent this by spraying your property with tea grounds, but be careful not to get any in your home, since it will stain everything!

5. Grow plants

To germinate seeds, simply place the seeds in the plastic tray with the paper towel on top of them. After that, all that’s left is to put it in your yard!

6. Accelerate the decomposition procedure

Tea bags are a great way to speed up the breakdown of your compost. It will mix germs and speed up the decomposition of other materials.

7. Worm food

To enhance your soil naturally, give worms a chance. If you feed them the tea leaves, they’ll return with nutritious new dirt!

8. Assist plants in retaining water

It is preferable to bury your tea bags close to the roots of plants and flowers so that they can better retain water.

Also, for best growth, make sure to carefully plant your vegetables so that their roots are far below ground level.

9. Prevent weeds from growing

Weeds will be kept at bay by putting a tea bag in your soil.

10. Assist in the growth of indoor plants

Your houseplants will benefit from a lower pH level and more nutrients if you add a tea bag to their soil.

11. Rose food

According to popular belief, rose plants do better when they are fed well. When you plant the leaves of your favorite tea in their soil, they’ll grow even more than before!

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