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Top 10 Stretches for Total Body Flexibility

Flexibility is more important to our health than we think. Experts say that being flexible helps you get more out of your workouts, improves your mobility and muscle coordination, reduces muscle pain, and keeps you from getting hurt.

Good flexibility also helps the blood flow and can help keep some serious diseases, like arthritis, diabetes, and kidney problems, at bay.

So, here are ten stretches that will make a big difference in how flexible and mobile you are. With these exercises, your muscles and joints will definitely get stronger and more flexible.


1. Cat and cow stretches

A cat and cow stretch is a great way to start warming up your spine. It also works your back, neck, and shoulders to make them more flexible. Put your hands and knees together. Slowly arch your back, lowering your stomach to the floor as you lift your head. Pause for a few moments. Roll your back up slowly, like a cat. Repeat 10 times.


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