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Taking Care of Ferns in the Fall: How to Divide Mature Plants and Store Them for Next Year

It’s almost fall, which means it’s time to divide those overgrown ferns and make more beautiful plants for next year.

Some ferns may outgrow their containers, in which case you can just bring them inside for the winter and they will return to full glory the following spring. The result is more fern seeds to sow and nurture, at no cost.


1. How To Divide Overgrown Ferns

When it comes to dividing ferns, there is no set time during the growing season. However, if you divide in the early fall, new roots will have time to grow before you bring the plants indoors.

There are two major benefits to doing this. For starters, it prepares the ground for a speedy recovery and vigorous early development in the spring among the plants. More importantly, it lets you bring in a considerably smaller number of plants to overwinter successfully. If left unchecked, such ferns can quickly outgrow their designated planting areas.

How To Divide Overgrown Ferns

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