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The 10 Biggest & Most Common Chicken Coop Mistakes

If you give your flock a place that is warm, secure from predators, sanitary, and has plenty of fresh air, they will be very content.

The following list contains the top ten mistakes that can be made during the construction and upkeep of a chicken coop. If you are successful in avoiding these, your chickens will be safe, healthy, and content.


1. The absence of a dust bathing area

Dust baths are essential to the health of chickens. Chickens can get rid of pests like lice and mites by taking a dip in a dust bath. Additionally, they aid in the removal of dry skin and worn-out feathers to make way for the growth of new, healthy feathers.

At any time of the year, a good dust bath is essential. Your free-range flock may enjoy dust baths in the yard or garden.


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