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The 14 Best Repellent Plants for Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Yard

Although they’re endearing to look at, rabbits can cause significant harm to a landscape. You won’t have to worry about your favorite plants having their succulent leaves nibbled on by rabbits if you grow rabbit-repellent plants. So frustrating that it makes you want to pull your hair out!

They can make short work of your flower borders or vegetable patch if they discover some tasty foliage, such as the new spring growth of annuals and perennials.

Many plants are actually repulsive or unappealing to them, so that’s a plus. If you want to keep rabbits out of your garden borders, you should grow a lot of these plants.



  • Hardiness: USDA 5-8 /(UK H5)
  • Height: 15 inches (40cm)
  • Width of the spread: 24 inches (60cm)
  • Best for: Pollinators

If rabbits are a problem where you live, there is no such thing as having too much lavender in your yard. While the ever-gray foliage and flowers that fill the air on warm days may have a delightful flavor to us, rabbits find the scent offensive.

Grow a thin hedge around your flower borders with a compact variety, such as the refined white-flowered ‘Purity,’ to deter rabbits from munching on your prized perennials. Lavender has the extra benefit of being an insect repellent, making it a highly desirable plant. Make sure the soil is very well-drained and that they get plenty of sun.


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