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The 5 Most Important Steps to a Long-Lasting Deck Coating!

Do you want this year’s stain or paint job on your deck to last longer than a year or two?

Most homeowners probably don’t look forward to staining or painting their deck because it’s just another duty. Even more so when the coating doesn’t last very long.

The good news is that you can keep your deck looking fantastic this summer and for many summers to come with some proactive upkeep. That being said, if you want your deck to last, here are five easy tips for staining or painting it.


1. Cleaning & Sanding

You must begin with a clean, flat surface if you want the stain or paint to last. That involves giving your deck, porch, or patio a little TLC before you paint the first stroke. The “C” in this example represents “cleaning.”

However, the quality of the finished paint job depends on how thoroughly you clean the surface. Sand down any splits or splinters first. A paint or stain coat won’t hide these flaws, thus fixing them is a prerequisite to covering. It’s also important to repair any rotten or damaged boards right away.

Afterward, you should give the deck a thorough cleaning. That helps get rid of mold and mildew as well as the dirt and grime that can prevent stain or paint from sticking.

A pressurized water is one of the best equipment for this job. While this is true, it is only useful if used properly. Carefully select a cleaning tip that won’t damage the wood as it does its job.

The optimal angle for the fan tip to do this is between 40 and 60 degrees. In a nutshell, it will provide the surface a rapid cleaning without subjecting it to a sandblasting-like water pressure. A more powerful stream of water from any source can swiftly rip through the wood, marring it beyond repair.

A good cleaning with a pressure washer can prepare the deck for painting or staining. The key is to use a nozzle that will not rip into the wood but gently clean it.

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