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The advantages of Using Glycerin In Gardens

Glycerin is a sweet non-toxic compound that is widely used to sweeten food. Glycerin is highly rich in sugar which makes it an exceptional compound. Besides using it in food, Glycerin can also be used in gardens. Scroll down to discover the advantages of using Glycerin in gardens.

  1. Promoting Plants’ Health

The advantages of Using Glycerin In Gardens

Soil contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria that requires Glycerin to thrive. This compound ameliorates their metabolism. Glycerin contains glycerol which is a source of carbohydrate that produces:

  • ethanol
  • butanol
  • propanediol
  • acetic acid

Many Bacteria strains use these elements as a source of energy that boosts their cell division, differentiation, motility, and growth. When soil bacterias grow and thrive, they will promote the health of your plants and make your soil richer.

2. Provide Flowers with nutrients

If you are emotionally attached to flowers, let’s say your wedding flowers, for example, you will be able to preserve them by using Glycerin. In fact, Glycerin is one of the best ways to preserve flowers and prevent them from brittling.

To preserve your flowers, you will only need to grow them in a solution of glycerin and water. This solution will provide them with all the nutrients they need to survive.


3. Glycerin accelerates the Germination

Seeds of some plants may take long to germinate. If you want to fasten their germination, you should dip them in a solution of glycerin and water before you sow them. Besides accelerating the germination process, Glycerin also provides your seeds with essential oils and alkaloids which will boost their health.

An experiment made on seeds Castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) proves that seeds soaked in glycerin and water germinate faster than seeds soaked in water. Both seeds were soaked for 48 h. You can find the whole experiment with details here.

4. Boost the growth and productivity of your plants

Glycerin does not only accelerate the germination but it also accelerates the rooting. Glycerine contains indole-beta-acetic acid which will help your plants develop healthier and stronger roots that will eventually boost their productivity.  In fact, several studies show that glycerine encourages root growth.

To use the glycerin to promote the growth and productivity of your plants, you should add 10 ml of it to 1 liter of water and spray your plants’ foliage with this solution. This solution will improve the quality of your and provide your plants with many nutrients. This solution will also:

  • Help immobilize the nitrogen and phospharous in your soil.
  • Increase your soil’s organic matter

5. Compost Activator

This is one of the best advantages of using Glycerin in gardens. If you want to make your own compost, you should definitely use glycerin as one of the ingredients. Composts that contain Glycerin are rich in bacteria and nutrients. The  University of Wisconsin published a research on its website that concludes that adding a proper quantity of glycerin to your compost will make it richer and more effective.

The research also states that glycerine contributes to the heat up and the decomposition of your compost. Thus it creates an ideal environment for the growth of soil bacteria. Spoil bacteria promote the health and the growth of plants.

6. Help the soil retain moisture

This is one of the most effective advantages of using glycerin in gardens. This compound will help your soil retain moisture. Some studies point out that adding glycerin to water, then water your plants with it, will keep the moisture in the soil. Thus, it will promote the growth of your plants.

.These are the best advantages of using glycerin in gardens. These uses are not only effective but also supported by studies and researches. The results are guaranteed.


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