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The Amethyst Mushroom Is Like A Galaxy

Elaeomyxa Cerifera, often known as the amethyst mushroom, was discovered in the wild in 1942. The fungal fruiting structure rips open to release ascospores, which resemble a shooting star. Exactly like a galaxy within a mushroom. Large logs or rostrum covered with lichen or hepatics with leaves that resemble a forest’s foliage are good examples.

Amethyst Mushroom

Sarah Lloyd, a scientist, has spent a lot of time in these mushrooms, which she loves to study and photograph. After discovering some in her own home, she became curious and set out to learn more about these mushrooms. The number of fungi in her collection exceeds 1700. It’s clear from the pictures that they went a little overboard with the glitter.

Amethyst Mushrooms 2

The mushroom is coated in a luminous array of colors, including purple, blue, and green. Not everyone has the chance to view them in this life, but if you truly want to, you can find them in Tasmania if you have the right equipment.

Amethyst Mushroom
Amethyst Mushroom
Amethyst Mushroom
Amethyst Mushroom

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