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The Best 10 Gardening Applications That Will Definitely Help You

Both expert and beginner gardeners need a hand in their gardens. Gardening applications provide gardeners with the help they need. These applications will provide with detailed information about the plants you are growing. They also provide help in taking care of and maintaining the plants. The information these plants provide will improve the growth of your plants and enhance their productivity.

  1. Garden Answers

Gardening Applications

This is one of the best gardening applications. It is a plant identifier that can identify any plant no matter how exotic it is. Garden answers is able to identify more than 20.000 plants. Having this application will help you become a walking encyclopedia

This application is quite easy to use which makes it very popular. You will only need to take a photo of the plant and submit into the application to identify it. The application is available for both Android and IOS. You can download it here.

2. SmartPlant

This is a very useful gardening application. It will identify your plants as well as provide you with their care and growth requirements. Using this application is also easy and it is not complicated at all. Just snap your plant and submit it and the application will give you all the requirements of your plants. SmartPlant is available for both Android and IOS.

3. Gardening Companion

Gardening Applications

This application will help you observe your plants and keep an eye on their growth and progress. It will also provide you with a calendar to care for your plants. Besides, this application will help you avoid overwatering your plants because it will notify you when your plants need your plants. You can download Gardening Companion for both Android and IOS.

4. Leafsnap

Gardening Applications

This is one of the most amazing gardening applications. This application is so good that the Natural History Museum uses it. This application developed by the University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University. It identifies the plants from their leaves. It also provides you with everything you need to know about any plant.

Since this application is developed by academics, the information it provides is highly authentic and credible. You can download this application here.

5. My Soil

This application is specialized in helping gardeners get the best soil for their plants. It is better than most soil testers. Using this application will help you amend your soil and make it adequate for your plants. It will provide you with:

  • Soil Type
  • Soil pH levels
  • soil temperature
  • levels of organic matter in the soil

Go to my soil.com to download the application.

6. Garden Plan Pro

Gardening Applications

This application will help you in planning your garden. It will provide you with guidance about which vegetable, herb or fruits to grow. It will show you the best designs for your plants to grow fast and healthy. Moreover, this application will show you how to arrange your plants to enhance their productivity as well as ables you to keep an eye on their growth and progress.

7. GardenTags

Gardening Applications

This is one of the most useful gardening applications. This application will give with the best advice on how to grow your plants. Besides, one of its distinguishing features is that it puts you in contact with other gardeners to exchange experience, advice, and information.

This application also contains a lot of information about weeds and pests. Thus, it will help you get rid of these two. You can download and install the application here.

8. Into Garden

This application is a money saving application. It will encourage to grow your own food by providing you with details on how to grow it. It contains all the information that anyone needs to grow vegetable and fruits. Besides, this application is one of the easiest to use gardening applications.

Into garden is available form Android and IOS. You can download this amazing application at intogarden.com.

9. Flower Checker

Gardening Applications

This is one of the most accurate gardening applications especially when it comes to identifying flowers. This application uses the expertise of botanists. In other words, it can identify approximately 99% of the plants around the world. If you ever couldn’t identify a plant, just take a photo of it and submit it into this application and you will have all the information you are seeking about it. This application is available for download here.

10. Plantifier

Image result for Plantifier application

This application uses the masses to identify plants. Once you submit a snap of a plant you couldn’t recognize, you will have many answers from different people. The application will also help you maintain your plants and be updated with their growth requirements.

Planifier is available for Android and IOS and you can download it from here.

These are the best the gardening applications. These applications will improve your gardening experience and will help you take care of your plants. Don’t hesitate to download one of these applications, they will provide you with a great deal of help.


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