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The Best 8 Home and Natural Remedies for Toothache

If you’re experiencing pain in your teeth, it’s vital that you identify the cause. Once you know the cause, you can take the necessary steps to alleviate the associated pain, swelling, or other symptoms.

Please consult your dentist if your symptoms last longer than a day or two. You should also see your dentist before using any of the following cures if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition that may be affected by herbal substances.


1. Saltwater rinse

Many people get immediate relief from using a saltwater rinse. Saltwater is naturally antiseptic and can be used to dislodge debris and food from in between your teeth. In addition to relieving pain, rinsing with Saltwater can help heal sore gums and other dental injuries.

To apply this method, dissolve half a teaspoon (tsp) of salt in a cup of warm water and gargle with it.

Saltwater rinse

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