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The Best Pectin-Free Strawberry Honey Jam Recipe (without White Sugar)

So you want to know how to make jam without white sugar and pectin? The answer is: with just four natural ingredients.


1. Strawberry Honey Jam

To get started, you’ll need six pounds of fresh strawberries. Naturally, whenever possible, choose strawberries that have been freshly picked. Those strawberries are not only fresh from the strawberry patch, but they are also more sweeter than those purchased in the supermarket.

Not everyone can buy or pick strawberries, though.

Because of this, the following recipe has been adapted to use store-bought strawberries. If you use fresh or exceptionally sweet strawberries, you can reduce the honey to 1 1/2 – 2 cups.

You can begin preparing Strawberry Honey Jam by slicing the strawberries into quarters or halves if they are large enough.

After that, transfer the ingredients to a large stockpot. Core your apples now. However, don’t take them off of their shells! You can thicken your jam by using the peel, which contains pectin. Then, using a stand mixer or a food processor, grate your apples and add them to the pot.


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