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The Best Way to Reuse Old Potting Soil From Your Pots & Hanging Baskets!

If there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s that potting soil should not be saved and reused from year to year. After a growing season, the soil in containers has lost almost all of its structure and nutrients. There isn’t enough life force in the soil to sustain new plants if you merely place them in there.

How then do you revitalize aging soil? In truth, all you need is a little bit of space, whether it’s a corner of your yard, a compost bin, or simply a couple of garbage cans.


1. Making a Compost Pile for Potting Soil

A standard compost pile is a good place to recycle soil from used containers and dead plant material, but a dedicated potting soil compost pile will ensure that the soil is light and airy come spring.

Only simple, small, and powerful ingredients that can break down quickly should be added to a potting soil compost pile. By doing this, the pile will be ready for use the next spring.

You are not creating true compost, but rather recharging the soil. For perfect potting soil, it’s important to maintain a consistent and light structure.

Making a Compost Pile for Potting Soil

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