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The Best Ways to Grow Morning Glories in Pots

Early morning glories are a fast-growing vine that can be used to produce an eye-catching, vibrant blossom.

The blooms flourish throughout the summer until the first frost of fall, ranging in color from white to pink, eventually fading to brown in the winter when they lose their petals owing to sun exposure or freezing temperatures near the base.

How to Grow Morning Glory

Morning glories are an excellent choice for container gardening since they are both gorgeous and easy to grow.

Benefits of Container Growing

You may add visual interest to your garden by growing morning glories, and pollinators love it. They are available in a wide range of colors, so you may pick one that best complements the color scheme of your garden!


Morning glory vines only have one drawback: their rapid growth makes it difficult to keep them in check.

Therefore, planting vines in containers means you don’t have to be concerned about their spreading. As a result, you retain control over where they can go, such as balconies or patios, while allowing them to roam freely.

To take advantage of the warmer winter months, you can even grow this plant indoors.

How to Grow Morning Glory

Growing Morning Glories in Pots

A planter with holes for drainage will assist prevent your newly planted seeds or bulbs from becoming entangled and rotting. When looking for a container, seek for one that is at least eight to ten inches wide and six inches deep – something that has no walls on top like an open container (or a large plastic bag). Then add some gravel to keep the holes from becoming plugged.

When the ground has warmed to a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it is optimal to plant seeds started indoors in a container four to six weeks before the final frost. Your seedlings will germinate more quickly and produce better fruit if you soak them in water before planting!

Set the pot in a spot with little wind and lots of sun for the best results. When not in use, the vines need a secure place to curl up on, such as a trellis or a tall object like a fence, so they may be supported.

The vines can also be trained to trail over the side of hanging baskets. Carefully water your plants to keep them healthy. During dry conditions, water at least twice weekly.

Tip: Use other climbing vines, like moonflower, alongside morning glories to get more blossoms all day long! Try growing them next to each other in your garden.

How to Grow Morning Glory Indoors

Morning glories need six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day if you’re growing them inside. In order for these vines to thrive, they need bright light and should be placed in front of or facing an east-looking window.

There are a number of ways to keep vines under control, including deadheading wasted flower heads and trimming back lateral branches. This will urge them not to grow too close to the soil or flowers, allowing for simpler control!

The correct soil, light, and water are all that indoor plants need to grow. A healthy plant needs good drainage so that it doesn’t get too wet or dry in your house’s humidity levels too rapidly!

To avoid root rot, irrigate them at least once a week to a depth of an inch. Reduce feeding if development slows in the winter, but don’t stop completely.

During the growth season, you can also feed plants with a balanced organic fertilizer every few weeks to enhance blooming. In order to produce fruit for many years to come, it is important that they are well cared for.

It’s a win-win situation all around!

Morning Glory flower

Morning glories can be grown in containers to give height and color to a garden. Even in your living room, they’re a great addition!

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