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The Great Eared Nightjar: The Fluffy Little Dragons that Look like They Belong in a Fantasy Series

Lyncornis macrotis, also known as The Great Eared Nightjar, is a member of the family Caprimulgidae and a type of Nightjar.

It can be found in portions of southwest India and Southeast Asia. The wings and tail of this massive nightjar are barred, and the ear-tufts of this bird’s reclining, long ears are also elongated and barbed. While its throat is banded in white, its wings and tail are completely black.


1. How do they look?

From the lowlands to the highlands, this medium-sized night bird lives in forests and open places.

Heavily patterned in different shades of brown, with finely barred under parts, blotches on the chest, and dark wings with big pinkish and white spots and a wide pale bar with a black border.

Take note of the broad white band at the tip of the under tail and the white lines on either side of the throat with a black line below.

The voice is a distinct, booming two-noted “pyok prraw,” with the second note somewhat lower and vibrating.


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