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The Quickest & Easiest Pickled Jalapeños Recipe (No Canning Required)

Having this recipe on hand is a godsend. It’s quick and easy to make, even if you just have a few Jalapeños to work with. There’s no need for canning equipment as well. All you need is a saucepan and a pint-sized container to get started.

Just chop up the jalapeno peppers and add them to the container. After that, cover them with brine, let them cool, and then store them in the fridge. Simple as that! Prepare yourself for a lot of repetition if you plan on making these often. Because I’ve been asked to make these jalapenos year after year since I shared a jar of them with my friends and family.


1. Jalapeño Peppers

The precise number of jalapenos needed to fill a pint jar is difficult to estimate. For medium-sized peppers, about 6-7 peppers should be enough.

The jar does not, however, have to be totally full for this recipe to work. You can therefore use as many peppers in this recipe as you like.


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