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The Secrets to an Amazing Autumn Display! 3 Amazingly Distinctive Fall Plants

We have a special treat for you today if you want to have the best fall flower display ever: three unique and stunning flowering plants. All 3 will give your autumn decorations a serious wow factor.


1. Asters

Asters add a plethora of new tones to autumn flower arrangements and planters with their wide range of colors, from white to purple to yellow to pink to blue. And because their flowers can last until the first frost, they offer year-round beauty.

They bring a new dimension to the garden with their daisy-like flowers. When combined with mums or used on their own, asters add a riot of color to any arrangement.

Asters’ rising popularity over the past few years has led many retailers to begin offering the flowers for sale alongside more traditional fall favorites such as mums in decorative flower containers. Plants with unfurling buds are the best to buy. Thanks to this, the plants will continue to bloom all the way through autumn.

They can be planted straight into the landscape or overwintered inside in containers. Even though they don’t bloom until the fall, they maintain a lush, green appearance from spring to summer.

When shopping for asters, make sure to get the hardy varieties so you can plant and keep them.

Asters can be found in a rainbow of blooming styles and hues. They are not only a superb late-season food source for birds, bees, and butterflies, but they also provide lingering fall color.

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