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This Weird Plant Produces Beautiful Blooms Resembling Hummingbirds (Gallery)

Reddit user Octopus Prime once posted a picture of a plant with flowers that look like hummingbirds. As a result, the web went into a frenzy. Plants, like the ‘green flowerbird’ or’regal flowerbird,’ produce a phenomenon that is both perplexing and fascinating. It looks like an origami hummingbird but is really natural.


1. How it Started

When Reddit member Octopus Prime uploaded a photo of a peculiar plant, the community of plant lovers received a wonderful treat. Remember that this is peculiar for all the right reasons; what you’re witnessing is nothing less than a work of origami-level complexity by Mother Nature. In recent years, much acclaim has surrounded this extraordinary flower because its petals resemble the wings of hummingbirds.


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