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Tips for Fall Apple Tree Planting! Learn These Easy Steps, And You’ll Be An Apple Crop Pro In No Time!

There is no better time than the fall to plant and nurture a little orchard of apple trees in your backyard. Once planted and reaching maturity, an apple tree can provide fruit annually for twenty-five or more years. All without the hassle of annual planting and replanting.

Apples are delicious when eaten fresh, but they also keep nicely in the pantry. Actually, many types can be kept for months without refrigeration if kept in a cold, dark place. 

Keeping this in mind, this article will provide you some tips on planting trees this year so that you can reap the benefits of your efforts for many years to come. How to plant apple trees?


1. Select the Best Varieties

Choosing the correct apple kinds to cultivate is a crucial part of the growing process. For the sake of your trees’ health and growth, but also because they thrive in your region’s climate.

Selecting kinds that are hardy and adaptable to your growing zone is the first step. If you don’t, you can end up with a fruitless tree or, even worse, one that can’t handle your area’s weather. The odds of success will always be higher if you choose local strains.

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Apple Varieties:

  • Winesap Apple Tree
  • Fuji Apple Trees
  • Red Delicious Apple Tree
  • Honeycrisp Apple Tree
  • Gala Apple Tree

Knowledge of how each apple tree is pollinated is also crucial. When it comes to apple trees, having a second pollinator is almost always necessary for fruit to set. For this reason, it is inadvisable to plant just one tree.

Let’s say the Fuji apple is your favorite. It’s a great disappointment to learn that a single Fuji apple tree you plant will never produce a single apple for your eating pleasure. Why? Since the Fuji is an unfruitful self-sterile cultivar, a second pollinator is needed in order for it to bear fruit.

You’ll need to grow a second tree, maybe a Gala or Granny Smith, to pollinate your Fuji apple flowers.

Though choosing tolerant and partner-friendly cultivars may sound complicated at first, pollination charts are available at most nurseries and online stores. Good nurseries will have knowledgeable employees that can answer your questions and help you through the procedure.

Red Delicious Apple

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