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Tips for Fall Apple Tree Planting! Learn These Easy Steps, And You’ll Be An Apple Crop Pro In No Time!

There is no better time than the fall to plant and nurture a little orchard of apple trees in your backyard. Once planted and reaching maturity, an apple tree can provide fruit annually for twenty-five or more years. All without the hassle of annual planting and replanting.

Apples are delicious when eaten fresh, but they also keep nicely in the pantry. Actually, many types can be kept for months without refrigeration if kept in a cold, dark place. 

Keeping this in mind, this article will provide you some tips on planting trees this year so that you can reap the benefits of your efforts for many years to come. How to plant apple trees?

2. How to Successfully Plant an Apple Tree: Top Tips!

Actually, it doesn’t take much effort at all to plant a fruit tree. The key to successful planting is a hole that is big enough to accommodate the plant’s growing roots, a healthy mix of soil, and plenty of water.

Start by making a large and deep hole in the ground. Two to three times the diameter and one and a half times the depth of the container is ideal. After you have dug your hole, you should fill it back in with a combination of soil and compost.

The hole should be filled to a depth of about an inch above the root ball’s intended resting place. Inundate the root ball with a few litres of water now. Next, use a combination of compost and soil to fill up the remaining space surrounding the hole.

When you’re ready to plant the tree for good, the bottom of the trunk should be at or slightly above earth. This will ensure proper drainage and prevent the tree from becoming waterlogged. Apply a three- to four-inch layer of mulch, and you’re done.

Mulch has two crucial functions: it helps the tree retain moisture and it shields the root ball from damage. Natural mulches like shredded hardwood mulch, straw, or shredded leaves are all good options.

Any fruit tree should have a planting hole that’s twice as deep and as wide as its pot. In addition, make sure your hole is at least 1.5 times as wide as it is deep. This provides the tree with ample room to spread its roots.

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