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Tips for Fall Apple Tree Planting! Learn These Easy Steps, And You’ll Be An Apple Crop Pro In No Time!

There is no better time than the fall to plant and nurture a little orchard of apple trees in your backyard. Once planted and reaching maturity, an apple tree can provide fruit annually for twenty-five or more years. All without the hassle of annual planting and replanting.

Apples are delicious when eaten fresh, but they also keep nicely in the pantry. Actually, many types can be kept for months without refrigeration if kept in a cold, dark place. 

Keeping this in mind, this article will provide you some tips on planting trees this year so that you can reap the benefits of your efforts for many years to come. How to plant apple trees?


3. Watering & Maintenance

Be sure to water your tree every day for the first several weeks after planting. Soil won’t dry out as quickly, allowing roots to establish themselves in the new location. After the first few weeks, water just once or twice a week unless the weather is extremely hot and dry.

After the tree has been established for a few months, you need only water it once a week if there has been no precipitation in that time. Water once a week till the ground freezes if you live in a cold climate. Don’t stop watering your tree once a week if it hasn’t rained in the first year; this will help the young roots get established.

Most apple trees will begin to produce a few apples within two to three years after planting.

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