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Tips for Saving Mums: How to Keep Them Alive Through the Cold Season!

If you want to decorate your home for autumn, mums are the way to go. But wow, what a hefty price tag! Especially when you consider how many mums are thrown away each year after their blooms have died from the cold.

However, that’s not how things have to be! Almost all of the mums available for purchase are sturdy perennials. With very little care, they may be planted in your landscape for a full year of growth, or use them to grow in pots and containers again next year for even bigger and greater fall displays.

With that in mind, here are some simple tips to conserving your fading mums this fall for next year!

3. Saving Potted Mums

The first rule of thumb for saving mums in containers is to ensure they are never subjected to freezing temperatures. Any time there’s a chance of a freeze or other conditions that could cause severe damage to your mums, you should bring them inside immediately. Mums may withstand small frosts and cold, but a harsh freeze can and typically will damage roots in pots permanently.

If you see that the blooms on your mums are starting to wilt, or if the weather suddenly turns chilly in late autumn, it is time to bring your plants inside for the winter. When fall arrives, it’s time to bring the potted mums inside so they can survive their first winter.

Mums can be planted straight into the ground in late summer or early fall, but doing so too late in the season usually leads to their failure.

Mums that are replanted in the ground in late autumn stand a very little chance of survival. They can’t get a strong enough root system established in the soil to survive without intensive mulching. Their roots just freeze and die when this happens.


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