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Top 10 Perennial Herbs You Can Grow Once & Enjoy Forever!

Growing perennial herbs is a great alternative to constantly investing time and money into starting new herb gardens each season.

These ten low-maintenance herbs will provide you with harvests for many years if you treat them well.


1. Lavender

Growing advice

Lavender thrives in sunny locations with ample drainage. Don’t overwater it; instead, let the soil dry out between heavy waterings.


Lavender should be picked when the buds have formed but before the blooms have opened. This is the best way to ensure that your flowers and plants bloom and smell their best.

Gather a bundle of lavender stalks, hold them together at the base, then snip off the tops with some scissors. Hang the bundle upside down in a warm, dry, and out of the sun location.

The lavender is ready to use after about two to four weeks. Shake flowers and leaves into a sealed container gently.


  • Lavender, whether fresh or dried, adds color and flavor to many foods and is especially nice on homemade ice cream, bread, and salad.
  • For better sleep, try tucking a sachet of dried lavender made from a lightweight fabric under your pillow.
  • To make a refreshing room spray, combine lavender, peppermint essential oil, and water in a spray bottle.

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