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Top 10 reasons why you should plant lemongrass in your yard

Lemongrass is a tropical, evergreen perennial grass that is widely grown in the tropics, subtropics, and milder temperate climatic zones. Growing it in your yard may come as a surprise, but it’s possible—even in a cool temperate area, as long as you move it indoors or give it some sort of protection during the winter.

Lemongrass is an important ingredient in many Asian dishes, and as you’ll see as you read on, it’s also useful in a variety of other ways. Here are a few reasons why you should plant lemongrass:


1. As a part of a container garden

Lemongrass is a versatile plant that can thrive in a variety of environments, making it a good option for a container garden.

Due to the plant’s ability to survive in dry environments and its preference for well-drained soil, it can be successfully cultivated in areas where water is scarce. Plants with reduced water requirements are typically a smart choice for gardening in containers, where watering can be more of a hassle.

Growing lemongrass typically requires its own pot. However, it is also effective as a companion plant with other spices and roots including ginger, turmeric, galangal, pigeon peas, and taro. And it does well in a container herb garden with other Mediterranean herbs like thyme, marjoram, and oregano.


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