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Top 24 Water-Growing Plants for the Kitchen

Do you have a couple of “go-to” herbs? Why not grow them in a water container and keep them handy on the kitchen counter or window sill?

Herbs cultivated in water have the same robust flavor as those grown in soil. You don’t have to deal with soil, watering, or changing seasons.

Plants that require water to survive do best when watered with filtered water, rainfall, well water, spring water, or rainwater collected from a roof or other rain source.

Choose a glass container, plastic bottle, or mason jar to house your kitchen’s water-loving plants. For optimal results, use amber-colored bottles. A narrow-mouthed container will better support the young cuttings and keep them standing.

With that said, here’s a list of Kitchen Plants that Grow in Water that you can grow in a small space like a windowsill.


1. Garlic

Botanical Name: Allium sativum

In a glass of water, put a sprouting garlic clove. Level the water so it covers the clove. Keep it in direct sunlight, and you’ll soon see the shoots.


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