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Top 5 Exercises for Losing Back Fat Fast

It’s not fun to deal with back fat, and it’s especially noticeable in a strapless dress. Excess fat anywhere on the body, including the back, can make a person feel unattractive and lower their confidence.

The most typical issue is that they aren’t doing the right exercises to help them lose back fat.

Here, we’ll show you some exercises you can do at the gym to get rid of that stubborn back fat. The following exercises, designed and demonstrated by certified fitness trainer, health and fitness trainer Elizabeth Bracero, will help you tighten your chest and shoulders so that you feel more confident in any top you wear, whether it has straps or not.

If you practice this workout four times a week, once for each set of 12, you will see incredible results.



To perform this exercise, stand with your feet hip-width apart and grab a 6- to 15-pound weighted bar (or dumbbells of comparable weight) using an overhand grip, palms facing each other. The next step is to exhale as you bring the bar up to shoulder height by bending your elbows out to the sides, and then inhale as you bring the bar back down to the starting position to finish one rep.


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