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Top 5 Methods for Winter and Year-Round Vegetable Gardening

Vegetables can be sown in the spring and harvested all the way through the fall and into the middle of winter. After that, you can continue on with your garden throughout the rest of the year by planting additional vegetables for winter harvesting or overwintering.

Below are seasonal planting guides for vegetables that can be grown and eaten throughout the year:


1. Winter Vegetables to Plant in Spring

There are two types of plants that can be sown in the spring for harvest in the colder months. The first batch consists of crops that you will sow in order to harvest and eat during the winter. The second set consists of vegetables that you will plant in the spring and harvest in the fall for use throughout the winter.

The former is the focus of this article; it can remain in your garden throughout the winter without being removed for storage as long as it is protected from the worst of the winter’s weather.

Consider sowing the following crops in the spring to eat during the winter months:

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale/ winter cabbages
  • Perennial vegetables

Perennial vegetables are an especially appealing option because they will not only provide you with food for one winter but will also feed you during the coldest months year after year. Some perennial greens, such as a variety of perennial kale, can produce leafy greens even in the winter if they are shielded from the cold.

If you plan your garden right, you could have fresh Brussels sprouts for Christmas.

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