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Top 5 Ways That Will Keep Your Potatoes Fresh For Months

All your hard work in the garden this season has paid off, and now you’re bringing in the potatoes.

These potatoes will sprout in no time if left on the kitchen counter, so you’ll need to find another way to store them if you want to enjoy them all winter long.

Read on to find out how to store your harvest for optimal use throughout the coming months.

There’s not just one way to keep potatoes fresh for later use. You can experiment with the following 5 options until you find the one that works best for you.


1. Storage in a Root Cellar

Storing potatoes in a root cellar or other cool, dark spot where they won’t freeze is the conventional way.

A cold area of the basement or an unheated garage will do if your house lacks the necessary amenities.

To properly store potatoes in a cellar, you need to do more than just drop them down there; you’ll also need to cure them for several days.

How to Sort & Cure Fresh Potatoes?

After harvesting your potatoes, sort them to identify the ones that are most suited for storing.

Take extra care not to chop through the skin or bruise freshly gathered potatoes as they lack the protective tough skin that keeps them from rotting.

The curing process can harden over small incisions, but you want huge potatoes with no major defects or punctures.

Potatoes that have been damaged severely should be consumed within a few days or preserved in another way.

Not all potato varieties are created equal when it comes to storage life. Russets and other brown potatoes with a thick skin are preferable to the more delicate fingerlings and red-skinned kinds.

Rub some of the excess dirt off your chosen potatoes, then lay them out on newspaper so that they don’t touch, and store them somewhere dark for up to two weeks to cure.

This procedure toughens the potato skin, extending the potatoes’ shelf life. It’s tempting to clean potatoes before storing them, but doing so actually decreases their longevity in the long run.

russet potatoes
Thick skinned russet potatoes are ideal for longer term storage.

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