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Top 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant and Harvest In Just 45 Days

There is, amazingly, still time to plant some tasty fall vegetables. And it makes no difference whether your garden is conventional or raised, or if you use pots or containers.

Even though the end of summer and the beginning of fall are rapidly approaching, there are still enough growing days in most growing zones to plant and harvest a few fall vegetable crops.

Garlic and onions for the coming year are best planted in the fall, but there is still time to plant veggies and greens for harvest this season.

3. Radishes

Radishes are the fastest-growing vegetables in the world. They flourish when planted later in the year. Some cultivars can be harvested as early as 25–28 days after sowing, however, the vast majority are ready between 30–40 days after planting.

Directly put the seeds into the earth, leaving a space of about an inch between each one. To ensure healthy growth, water radish seedlings often. Compost is also very beneficial to them.


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