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Top Gardening Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Green Thumb

The gift-giving market for gardeners is actually quite robust, despite the common misconception to the contrary. We have the answer to your dilemma of what to give green-thumbed person in your life. What you have here is “Your Complete Gardener Gift Guide!”

You may want to rethink giving a plant as a present, despite its potential value to the recipient (who may already have several). Offer them something out of the ordinary that they might not normally purchase for themselves.

The gardening enthusiasts in your life will appreciate any of these thoughtful presents. And, best of all, prices range from under $30 to over $200, so there’s something for everyone.


1. Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves ($18,80 – Amazon)

Gloves for gardening with a nitrile coating. The durability and ease of wearing them on the job are outstanding. It’s a steal at this price, because you get two pairs for just ten bucks.


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