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Train Your Chickens to Come When Called – In Just One Week!

Chickens are content to free range once they have left the coop, thanks to the abundance of bugs and the open space beyond. After releasing your girls from the run, it may seem like an impossible chore to corral them all back in. But it need not be; simple tasks can be taught to chickens with remarkable ease. The most useful skill you can (and should) teach your flock is to come when called.

Like Pavlov did with his dogs, we’ll be conditioning our birds to respond to a certain sound. The whole thing will take around a week, though you could be astonished to see your birds master it in just a few days.

How it Works?


1. Pavlov’s Bell Is Our Coffee Can

Simply start associating the jingling of the coffee can with your flock’s favorite snack now. So, do this on the run while the girls are inside, or at least at a time when the girls will be around.

While the girls are snacking on the larvae, shake the coffee can full of coins. The noise is less noticeable if you shake the can behind your back. While they’re eating, spend between 30 and 60 seconds shaking the coffee can continually.

Repeat this process twice a day for two days. Ringing the dinner bell, so to speak, can begin on day three.

It’s the simplest thing, but it works great.

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