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What Causes Indoor Plants to Turn Brown at the Tips? 10 Possible Causes & Remedy Options

There’s cause for alarm when you notice browning at the plant’s tips; if you don’t treat the problem quickly, it can spread throughout the entire indoor plant. What you need to do to get your houseplants back on the green track is outlined below.

What Can Cause Indoor Plants to Have Brown Tips?


1. Inconsistent Watering Schedules

The way you water your plants is usually the culprit when the tips of their leaves become brown. Damaged by lack of water, plants become wilted and their leaves turn brittle and eventually fall off.

The leaves also become brown and yellow from overwatering. But there is a distinction between these two situations: an overwatered plant has soft, mushy, and limp leaves, whereas an underwatered plant has crinkly, dry leaves.


If you’re worried about overwatering, try letting the soil dry up a little in between waterings. The soil should be allowed to dry to the touch before watering again. If the plant has wilted significantly, remove it from the pot, clip the rotting roots, spray the remaining roots with fungicide, and then repot it in new potting mix. Reduce watering for a few days.

For Underwatered Plant: The plants’ stress response, visible as browning leaf tips, is a direct effect of inconsistent hydration. To revive your plant, simply water it thoroughly.


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