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What’s Killing Your Jewel Orchid? 11 Common Problems With Jewel Orchids & Their Remedies

Orchids in the Jewel family, such as the Macodes Petola and Ludisia discolor, have the most beautiful foliage you can ever see. The light catches the beautiful patterns on the leaves of these plants and it is quite a sight. Jewel orchids are not as difficult to care for as they appear, but there are a few concerns that can arise and stunt the plant’s growth.

Quick action is required if you see that your Jewel orchid is wilting. After a thorough examination of your plant, you should be able to identify a number of problems that could use attention. First, let’s break down each issue so you can treat your plant effectively.


1. Jewel Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow

When Jewel orchids become overwatered, their leaves typically turn a sickly yellow color. The leaves will turn a uniform yellow color due to chlorosis if the roots are left in an environment that is too wet and doesn’t provide enough oxygen. Usually, the lower leaves are the first to show symptoms, although the entire plant might be affected.

Check both sides of each leaf, as well as the stems and the soil, for any signs of pests that may be responsible for the yellowing of your plant’s leaves.

A lower leaf may also become yellow, either whole or partially. Natural leaf loss is the most likely explanation, so you shouldn’t worry too much. The recent stress of repotting or relocating your Jewel orchid can bring on this condition.


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